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Diesel Repair

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An ASK Auto Repair NAPA Certified diesel truck technician can provide comprehensive care for your light, mid-sized or heavy-duty truck. We offer a full line of diesel engine maintenance services. We're also set to perform major diesel engine repair work from fuel injector and turbo installations to complete engine rebuilds. Whether you have a large diesel truck or a smaller diesel vehicle, ASK Auto Repair is your one-stop source for complete diesel care.

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Diesel Injection Services

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Modern diesel engines are significantly affected by fuel related deposits that build up in fuel injectors and combustion chambers. When deposits form in these areas of the engine, fuel mileage and engine performance can be drastically reduced.

Utilizing highly specialized equipment, and unique cleaning chemistry, our technicians will perform a service that quickly and effectively removes accumulated deposits from the entire fuel system including fuel lines, injector pump, and fuel injectors. Heavy deposits will also be safely removed from combustion chambers.

The results are startling. Throttle response, power, and performance are remarkably improved. Exhaust smoke is reduced and fuel economy will be restored.