I would give them 10 stars if I could! 

Stacy is excellent and honest. They take pride in their work, are trustworthy, and experienced. We take both our cars to him and the quality of work he has done on our vehicles is unmatched. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy, honest & experienced owner & crew and you want the job done right, this is the place to go.​

​-Amanda S.

The Most honest crew I have ever met! ASK Auto was professional, and quick in finding an affordable solution for my needs. I feel if I had used another mechanic, I could have been charged for unnecessary repairs in my situation. Thanks to all of you at ASK Auto for the great work, and getting me back on the road.

​Amber H.

Here's what just some of our customers had to say about what we do at ASK Auto Repair!!!!

I moved to Vegas 2 years ago and have been searching for a good mechanic! I found him!! Stacy is very professional, doesn't overcharge, and doesn't fix what isn't broke. I will be back with any future car repair needs. I will refer family and friends!

​-Lee-Anne L.

I have been having some issues with my vehicle. One day I saw a commercial for Ask Auto, so I bookmarked it while I made a list of things I knew I needed done for my 13 year old Mustang. After looking around at a few shops, I found Ask Auto's estimate to be the most reasonable. The detailed estimate showed me that ASK Auto cared about their work, and kept me aware of anything that may need to be addressed. The experience I had confirmed the great reviews of this shop for me. The recommendations Stacy made for future repairs & maintenance were well within reason for the age of my vehicle. Everyone was friendly, and did not pressure me into more services. It is hard to find a dependable auto repair shop, so I am happy to have found ASK Auto. It has been a couple of days since they replaced my radiator, and I have not seen any issues with their work. I will be saving up for future repairs, and I will continue to bring my vehicle here. Thank you everyone at ASK Auto, and I will be seeing you again soon.​

-Frank M.

I highly recommend this place over any other auto shop! They are honest, experienced, and trustworthy.

Shelby T.

Stacy is the best!!!  He has been doing my car since the begging of time!! He always does a great job, honest reliable work. Thanks Stacy!! And he loves dogs!!


I am the owner of American Home Building & Remodeling Corp. and recently moved to Denver Colorado. I am in the middle of a large project and was banking on workers who were coming from LA to help move toward completion. However,  their car broke down on the freeway 50 miles away from Las Vegas - in fact it was in the middle of nowhere   - NO auto repair; NO auto stores around. Driver didn't have AAA. Driver frantically calls me and asks me to find repair shop, so I web search

around Las Vegas, and found ASK AUTO REPAIR. I spoke with senior technician Stacy and explained the situation. He was a lifesaver and somehow managed to arrange towing. Shortly thereafter he repaired their vehicle for a very modest fee. I highly recommend his shop for anyone in need of auto repair - very professional and superb service!

​-Arsen S.

Excellent service, and very friendly. I just had a major repair, and they were very honest and fair. ASK Auto Repair will be my go to place for all my vehicle maintenance. I highly recommend this place!

​Matt K.

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Stacy was GREAT!  He was prompt with helping us as soon as we got there!  Our tire pressure light was on and Stacy checked them and fixed the problem! He was very pleasant and very helpful!  WILL DEFINITELY COME TO HIM AGAIN for any car issues I have in the future!  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH STACY!!!

-Pamela Y.

WOW!!! Great customer sercive!! Honestly blown away. From years and years of rough times with several mechanic shops & dealers, you guys stand alone in service and honesty. Especially with crucial turnaround time. Thank you!!

All the best,


We had been looking for a good honest repairman for all our vehicles.  When we found ASK Auto Repair we knew we had found our cars Dr. This is the only auto repairman we will use for our vehicles. They are the best mechanics we have ever had and are always willing to help.  You will get no BS run around here.  If you are looking  for quality service and repair ASK Auto is the place to go.

-Renee W.​

I have been using Yelp for everything for a long time, but this is my first time writing a review. My experience with Stacy was that special. 

I drove from LA and my van overheated just when I was pulling into the hotel parking lot. The next day, I found Stacy through Yelp, poured some water into the cooling system, and went to see him. Naturally I was nervous, because I would be completely at his mercy: whatever he tells me and whatever price he quotes, I would not have much choice. 

But the moment I saw him and exchanged a few words, my worry subsided significantly. He appeared to be a very genuine and sincere person. 

He seemed to be quite busy, but knowing my situation, he got on it right away. One of the things he did was to pressure check the cooling system to check leaks. This van had problems with the cooling system before, so I've seen a couple of other mechanics do this. But it couldn't be properly done because of the particular design of this van. Just when I was expecting Stacy to give up on it, he brought other tools to basically disassemble the part of the van that was blocking the space. 

Overall, the final verdict Stacy gave me was that everything seems to be OK. Wow! What a relief! Actually, he did point out one seemingly minor problem that might have contributed to the overheating but I decided to take a little bit of chance and headed back to the hotel because I didn't want to ruin our short vacation and my kids (and my wife too) were getting extremely cranky at the hotel room. He advised me not to drive 4-5 hours with the aircon fully running during the intense desert heat of the day.

During the entire process, he was consistently good natured, humorous, focused and communicated in a way as if he already knew what I was going to ask him. 

He was like this knowing that there is a good chance he will not see me again. 

I know there are professionals who put people and principle over money. They are rare, but I know they exist because I try to do that in my line of work too. I think I finally found someone I can trust in the auto repair industry. 

Hmm... only if I lived in Vegas!!!
Or maybe I found another reason to come to Vegas.

-Joshua C.

Ask Auto is a fantastic shop that has reasonable prices and helps customers figure out how much they'll need for all the repairs that should be done on the vehicle. I was very happy with the results and how quickly my vehicle was repaired for what I could get done within my budget. The best part--I have quotes for every repair job needed so I can go back to them in the future once I save up for everything!

Thanks for a wonderful experience!!

​-Trina T.

My girlfriend has been seeing Stacy for about 2 years before he moved to his new location off of Valley View, and has helped keep her clunker running smoothly.  She finally referred me to him after an expensive radiator replacement at another shop.  Since then, I have adopted him as my mechanic for my jalopy. Couldn't be happier.

If you are looking for a cheap fix, find another mechanic. If you are looking to have your repairs done right, by a skillful genius, then you have found your place! Thank you Stacy!  I will send others your way.

​-Kina T.

Remember, your best compliment to my business is to refer your friends, family, and co-workers.

Doesn't get too much better in service than like this! Honestly I've been to so many mechanic shops that were shady and that made me got to dealers that were eventually shady as well. Through a referral I found this shop and WOW. They gave fair estimates, spoke to you like a friend. Totally honest up front and lets say they LIKE dealing in cash, good thing for customers on prices. The best part is they actually kept to their word on turn around!!!! No complaints, totally painless and great experience.

​-Robert M.

         Call Us Mon-Fri: (702) 992-0728

I moved into town about 3yrs ago with a very tired and worn out car. Check engine goes on. Pull into a auto store and the rep proceeds to give me a business card, said he was a honest and reasonable mechanic.

Truth be told I was hesitant, I've always been afraid of being scammed because I'm a girl and I know absolutely nothing about cars. I spoke to Stacy and took my car for him to take a look at, and I was very straight I told him please do not screw me over lol. He reassured me and said I could trust him, and I did!

Stacy warned me several times that my car would eventually give out but he kept fixing it and helping me. He was patient and he put up with me and my clunker. I have never been able to say that about any auto shop or mechanic EVER,  I am loyal to ASK AUTO for life. My new car now gets serviced by him as well. Wouldn't take it anywhere else.

​-Claudia N.

I trust Ask Auto Repair. My sister and I have been seeing the same mechanic for years. One day they quoted my sister an outrageous price so she took it to Ask Auto to get a second opinion. Stacy explained to her that it was not at all what the previous mechanic described and ended up saving her hundreds of dollars. A few weeks later I had my own car problem and decided to switch mechanics and give Ask Auto a chance. Stacy was very personable and friendly on the phone and my car was finished promptly. When I met him in person, he seemed to genuinely care about his customer's satisfaction. I also like how they don't try to upsell you on anything. They are not pushy at all which I appreciate. I will continue to see Ask Auto Repair for all my car needs because I know they do not cheat customers and are fair and honest. I highly recommend them to anyone.

-​Jamee G.

I've been here a couple times now and every time I go I'm always taken care of. It's hard to find someone you trust to work on your vehicle but I've found them. Great service with a personal touch. Stacy and his crew are always helpful and kind.

​Kristen B.

The best auto shop in Vegas. Best customer service. Ask for Stacy really nice guy. I guarantee you'll leave satisfied!!!

​-Andre J.

5225 South Valley View Boulevard Suite 15, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Stacy has always been fair and honest, he's worked on more than a few of my family's cars and is a perfectionist and takes pride in his work.

-Rj D.

So pleased to find this little car repair shop. I ran into a parking block with my low front end, and it pulled the entire front bumper off and broke my splash guard. Had 2 previous estimates that told me I needed almost $1000 worth of repairs, when in actuality, the existing bumper is salvageable. Stacy is a "realist" and won't sell you what you don't need.  He took the time to cobble my bumper back onto my car for me, while we wait on the right parts to come in. He was personable, funny, and able to look at my car on very short notice. I will definitely be back, first to get the more permanent fix done, and then for any future automotive repair work too.

I have since been back for routine oil changes, brake work, starter replacement, AC fix: Stacy can do it all!!!

​-Sarah S.

I'm from SoCal and on the long journey to Las Vegas my 2007 BMW 525i decided to blow a bypass hose on the radiator. I pulled into a truck stop, got some super sticky waterproof tape, added water, and believe it or not made it to Vegas from Barstow. Now comes the hard part finding a good mechanic when in another state. I called a few auto parts stores for the hose, which of course no one has since its a BMW. Then I asked them for a referral to a mechanic. 2 stores I called recommended Stacy at ASK Auto Repair. I called him, told him my situation, he got the hose, I drove the car to him and in 30 minutes I was fixed and back to having fun in Vegas. Thanks Stacy and your trusted mechanics.

​-Lewis H.